Ultramarine is the most commonly used blue earth pigment. It is a kind of sulphur
   compound of aluminous silicate, which has a crystal structure   associated with celestite.
  So it has very bright light and pure color.

            Ultramarine Blue occupies a unique position in the blue color space that can not be reached
   by any other pigment or blend of pigments. The reddish undertone of Ultramarine Blue, highly
   appreciated both in mass tone and tint applications, makes the pigment clearly differentiated from
   any Blue Phthalocyanine and any Cobalt Blue, even if they are in combination with organic violet
   pigments as P.V.23 or P.V.19.

           Ultramarine is the most suitable powdered coating. The results of a   ntiweatherability in
  many applications show our ultramarine Pigments   ultramarine is very good in the powdered  coating.


     Very Good Heat Resistance

            Excellent Fastness to Light

            NO Migratory

            Easily Scatter

            Safety and Innocuous


    1. Pigmentation: Used for paint, printing ink, spray, rubber, plastics,   art pigment and    cosmetics, etc..

    2. Whiten: Ultramarine can remove the yellow light in the white products.

    3. Color modulation: Add ultramarine in black or gray can make the color   softer.

    4. Other: Ultramarine can be used as the antioxygen for the perfluoro
   -resin, the catalyst for hydrodesulfurization, and be used to adsorb   uranium from the sea water   etc..

    5. The PVC can be used to: the occasions need migratory resistance, acid   fastness, easily    scatter, and steady quality.

    *Transparent (hard/soft) PVC6.6. calendered film

    *Transparent and hard PVC oil bottle

    *PVC profiled material for doors and windows

    *PVC tubular film (shrink film)

    *Transparent PVC soft tube/shoe 

    6. The color fertile material grain/engineering plastic/polyolefin can be   used to:

    *The occasions need easily scatter, steady quality, good heat stability,     lightfastness, and    migratory resistance under low density .

    *The color fertile material grain: can be used to the pigmentation of     engineering plastic/    polyolefin.

    *Plastics metal alloy---

    * — Used for the ABS/HIPS/PP of work tool (light beautiful color).

    * — polyolefin: Many tones (such as: Pepsi-Cola blue), light beautiful     color.

    The ultramarine products of High-grade Pigments are widely used in the   paint industry. The   color is bright, pure and has a good fastness to light.   It can show a good dispersivity and color. So,   it is widely used to   construction paint, decoration paint, and reflective enamel paint, etc..

    Ultramarine is widely used for whitening the raw material. The micro   ultramarine pigment can   availably remove the yellow in the material and make   it whiter. Ultramarine is the most suitable   powdered coating. The results of   a ntiweatherability in many applications show our High-Grade   Pigments   ultramarine is very good in the powdered coating.

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